Sign design for a perfect signage project

If you want proper corporate signage, get it designed by a proper designer. We know exactly how to create and lay out signage so it does a faultless job. If you’re stuck for ideas we’ll pitch in with expert creative support. And the end result will look fantastic.

Designing your own signage and logo

Of course you can always design your own corporate signage. The thing is, design concerns much more than good looks. We’ve provided some useful guidance about designing your own logos and signs.  Whatever we do we always take these top sign design tips into account. Which means our signs tick all the important boxes.

What about existing signage artwork?

You might be full of ideas. If so we’ll gladly bring them to life, consulting with you all the way and developing your ideas to fruition using state of the art design software.

Bespoke Graphics

Bespoke Graphics

Logo design tips

A logo is supposed to reflect your business’s qualities. A weighty, solid typeface can convey power, seriousness and strength. A light, flowing font can convey things like elegance and fragility. Pale colours suggest softness and caring, bright colours suggest confidence and pzazz, deep colours suggest reliability and trustworthiness. Just look at how many financial services company logos include dark blue!

Symbols are another good way to help project your brand because they say such a lot at a glance. Just make sure it’s relevant and simple in the minimum number of colours. All the best logos are minimalist, designed to be instantly eye-catching. So if you feel yourself getting carried away, curb your enthusiasm and keep it simple.

For signage and print it’s best to save your logo as a pdf, eps, wmf or other vector file format because you can’t resize jpg and bmp files without losing quality.

Sign design tips

Here are some key design tips. You can apply them to any fixed advertising sign, banner or vehicle. If you’re designing your own sign, bear them in mind.

  1. Does the sign clearly identify your company? If so it’ll act as an ambassador for their brand, whether they’re a small start-up or a huge blue chip
  2. Does the sign clearly identify what you do? If so it’ll act as an advert for your brand as well as a source of information
  3. Does the sign show how to contact you? If so it’ll act as a direct response advert for your business too
  4. If you need to add more information than this, keep it simple and low key to avoid cluttering the main message
  5. Remember if people can’t read your sign easily as they pass by it’s a waste of a good opportunity. Signs are meant to be read!
  6. Signs aren’t about selling, they’re about informing. Save the sales stuff for later
  7. The fewer words the better. Less really is more
  8. Remember the principle of ‘first read’. Create a focal point to make an impact and command attention. Ideally things like logo belong in this space
  9. Potential customers will judge the inside of your business by the way it looks on the outside. Make it the best you possible can!
  10. 50% of retail sales are down to impulse buys. People see, shop and buy. If your outdoor advertising isn’t working as hard as it could, you’ll lose sales
  11. Visual impact is key to outdoor advertising signage. Create something memorable to conjure up your products or services in the minds of passers by
  12. Contrasting colours work really well for signage. It’s logical. That’s why so many are white on blue, black on yellow, red on white…Make sure the colours are used in contrasting patterns. Green on blue is not readable, whereas black on white is easy to differentiate
  13. Steer clear of multi-coloured text if you want to make an instant impact
  14. If possible create signage that mirrors or complements the colours in your location or building rather than clashing wildly. Unless, of course, you’re creating a danger sign in which case the louder the better!
  15. Embrace white space. Don’t be scared to leave loads of space with nothing in it. It helps make signs more readable. The optimum amount of empty white space is quite high at 30-40%

Need inspiration or want your design ideas developed?

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